Essential Oils

Essential Oils Explained

What are essential oils? They are fragrances and natural ingredients mixed and integrated with oils to produce a balanced and sustained product that can be applied in a variety of ways for improved living experience. With Young Living, essential oils are far more than simply mixing some fragrant ingredients in a vial of oil. The Young Living quality process requires a container to have been tested at least 120 times before reaching the customer. That include both before and after sealing. And the check and validation process includes up to 20 different tests, some being applied at the same time. So, when you ask yourself what’s included in an essential oil, the question should also include whether it is a generic product or a Young Living essential oil. After all, giving so much effort spent on quality, there is no apples to apples comparison involved for anyone trying to pass a substitute in essential oils versus Young Living from George, South Africa.
Young Living Essential Oils Create New Standards
As people begin to learn more and more about essential oils, they are going to start to pick up on the Young Living or YL difference. A typical essential oil product is based on an agricultural development being 3 to 4 years old. That might seem substantial, but when you compare it to the Young Living standard, it’s almost infantile. That’s because the Young Living process is a standard of 50 years organic development. The amount of work and dedication involved is tremendous and its seen in the delivery of an essential oil product that can’t be matched by the rest of the market. So, when you begin to understand the YL difference, by then you will be so convinced by how well Young Living essential oils work, there won’t be a need to be convinced further. Your senses and heart will already know the difference.

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