Photo Credit : Mandy Vermaak - Kruger National Park 2019

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My holistic journey began 12 years ago. My husband had gout so bad he landed up at the emergency ward every second weekend and was given a drip that was meant for people that were dying. My son had an allergy to dust and mould and the house we stayed in and in particular his bedroom was infested with mould that we were unaware of. Skyler landed up in the hospital with sinusitis so bad he could not breath. After 4 days on a drip they sent us home with a list of medication I was told to give a 3 year old for the rest of his life!

I was so angry that no natural remedies were suggested, and I was told by the paediatrician that natural stuff did not work.

I was in a shopping centre close to home one day and walked into the local health store and there was a practitioner giving Scio scans. I convinced my husband to go so he could find out what was the reason behind the gout. I actually ended up buying myself a Scio device and spent the next year learning all I could to try and stop my family from using harmful medication.

I am happy to say that was the last time my son and I ever saw a doctor, I loved the Scio so much and thought if I can help my families health then maybe I can help more people stay away from harmful medication. We moved to George and I opened a small holistic practice and started helping clients using the Scio device. My business has grown to using many different types of devices to help people get their health back.

My journey with Essential Oils started in 2014 when I was introduced to Essential Oils which I grew to love as most people do because they are "MAGIC" in little bottles. I was not interested in the business side at all at the time. I found it frustrating and hard to understand and my purpose at the time was to help as many people as I could .... But Not Myself!!!! This was of course the most important thing I think I have learnt from joining back then. We are the most important people in our lives, not anyone else but our immediate family. For 5 years I worked very hard, often taking time away from my family to try and succeed. But what I was doing was just working stupidly!!! I did not realise that if I built a strong MLM business I would actually be able to help more people and not have to work so hard, and I could spend way more time with my family then I had before.